The mission of the Philadelphia Area Girls Lacrosse Association is to promote the game of girls lacrosse in township recreation programs for girls up to eighth grade, by facilitating communication among all programs on coaching techniques, rules, umpires,

Sponsored By:   USL-Philadelphia Chapter
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PAGLA Player Release Form and Eligibility

***Please read all information below
Member organizations shall not permit any player to participate in their program if the player does not reside within the member’s school district boundaries or such other boundaries established by PAGLA unless authorized the PAGLA Board of Directors. All requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing on the Player Release Form to the PAGLA President Therese O'Connell by the player’s parent or legal guardian.  The PAGLA president will then share the waiver with the board to discuss and vote.
Once the Player Release Form is received it will go before the Board of Directors for review.    The PAGLA Board will respond with a final decision in writing via email within a 2 week time period from the date received. No members of the board who reside in either of the clubs that the member wishes to leave or join may vote.  No request from a member organization is permitted. Recruiting of players from outside of a member’s boundaries is prohibited.
Exceptions will be granted in severe cases of hardship. It is difficult to establish specific facts that might lead to the Board decision to grant an exception. Please provide as much detailed information as possible on the player Release Form to insure an educated decision by the PAGLA Board.
If a player lives within a township that does not have a lacrosse program that player may participate in the closest township lacrosse program.  If a lacrosse program is formed within their residing township at any time, the player will be expected to play for that program.  No grandfather rule will apply.
Examples of certain criteria that would NOT be considered eligible:
-player did not play for her home club last year (no grand fathering)

-player has or had a relative who coaches or coached in the non-home club

-player has school teammates, summer club teammates, or friends on the non-home club

-player attends school within the non-home club area

Click here for the PAGLA Player Release Form

No applications will be accepted after January 20th, 2017